Bauhaus Home Gallery

Bauhaus Home Gallery, Via del Pigneto 3 00176 Roma

Direttrice    Ilaria Giacobbi

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Bauhaus Home  Gallery is a place that in the name is inspired by the Staatliches Bauhaus  of Weimar and like this one, which was born in response to the needs that since the end of the nineteenth century had given birth to the arts and crafts   movements and    Deutscher Werkbund, wants to impose itself in thesearch for new educational methods and approach to art aimed at integration, unity and harmony between different artistic activities.

The exhibition space, which in the name pays homage to the famous German school and movement from which it draws inspiration (in the term Bauhaus combine the concept of construction and that of the house understood as a metaphor of constructive activity), is a “home” that welcomes the arts in synergy; a place of choice where you go to recreate a Factory,a real gym of creativity, animated by artists and art experts, workshop where everyone is moved by a common intent, the Art in becoming, reflection/ manifesto of every era.

The artistic project curated by Ilaria Giacobbi, deliberately based on ambiguity, places the works of art of contemporary artists within the walls of the home enhancing the dialectical relationship with the viewer/user who now sees the work of art cleared by the Institutional Spaces to be lived in everyday life. In the title The Room Exhibition, its contents are  manifested: artistic creations are placed in each room, divided by style, current or thematic with an arrangement that does not alter the domestic space but with the work of ART dialogues: an exhibition path in a house/atelier where the compatriots of furniture and design can be deduced from the works themselves; THE ART VIDEO: with the use of monitors, looped videos of the works, images blocked and imprinted by the artists on the canvas, mirrors to the opposite hour in motion. 

The works, chosen on a free theme (in order to investigate the freedom of expression of artists), are placed in the total exhibition in dialectical relationship thanks to the set-up that enhances its content value.

Located in the famous and historic district of Pigneto, a short walk from the Termini Station, a triangle of streets with a retro charm between the Prenestina street and the Casilina street where shreds of imperial history coexist with a Romanesque ness in constant transformation.”

Bauhaus Home Gallery

Art Curator Ilaria Jacobs

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